Wanting Attention is a Positive Trait


“God, she’s such an attention whore.”
“Ugh, but why does she put up like 20 selfies per day? No one gives a shit, you look the same in all of them.”

First off, completely against the whole equating the word “whore” with a negative connotation, just to put that out there. That needs to stop, effective immediately.

But anyway.

Many of us forget sometimes that being noticed, acknowledged, and appreciated isn’t as bad a thing as we make it out to be. Wanting to be liked and admired is a basic human trait — and we all exhibit it. Sure, your way might not be taking pictures of yourself in angular positions whenever you feel like it, but don’t even tell me you have not done things to impress someone before.

Spending weeks grooming yourself to look just perfect, so that one guy who doesn’t know you exist will finally awaken and fall in love at first sight — or spending hundreds of dollars on the perfect suit for the job interview of your dreams. Can you honestly tell me that you’re bothered by someone that seeks the same defining trait in a different way?

And I’m not talking about the personality disorders. Those are a different ballgame. I’m talking about the everyday, minute things you see as you scroll down your Facebook feed.

I won’t lie, they get kinda annoying sometimes. Then again, I’m annoyed by most of humanity. But it isn’t your place to talk about them behind their back, nor is it to judge someone for liking how they look. What do you have to gain by belittling someone’s confidence and condemning something that makes them happy?

Take one selfie, hell, take a hundred selfies.

I say: If you like yourself, continue to do whatever the fuck your heart desires with no limits and no cares. Even if you aren’t doing something for attention and someone claims you are, don’t stop in fear of being taken the wrong way. You love doing it? Keep. Doing. It.

It doesn’t matter how you look either, love. If you are a plus-sized girl who wants to sport booty-shorts, let no one stand in your way. If you are stick-thin and want to wear a potato sack, rock that thing. You aren’t here for others’ comfort. You do not exist for their gratification. If they can’t stand you, that’s their fucking problem.

And even if they say you’re only doing it for the attention, reply instead: Yeah, and your point is…?


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