Sometimes I just want to rage.

Can I scream in my house without the neighbors filing a complaint or my family rushing to slap me across the face for my behavior? And just how much do I regret already having a blog but giving out enough information that I feel I have lost the anonymity? It’s strange — I don’t consider myself good enough for anything.

But there comes a time in hiding behind yourself in anxious fear of negative evaluation, when you need release. And so, if I am indeed that scared of the world, but I still want it to hear me, I say: Rant about it online in a discussion with millions that are equally anxious.

This is for all the women of color, a place where they’re acknowledged. Where they’re heard. This is a place where the traditional methods of oppression commonly struck upon women in Southeast Asia do not apply. This is an outlet: A new wave of youth, of promotion, and of growth.

If my anxiety is really a determining factor in how I communicate to people in my life, let me find an outlet to say all that I really want to say. Let me bring up issues like social anxiety, like depression, like infanticide and rape and poverty — like how there’s no sex education being provided in areas of Pakistan and India, just because it’s considered “sinful” to talk about.

Let’s talk about the flawlessness and resilience of these women, their struggle, their voices unheard. Let’s grab our pitchforks and run yelling: Enough is enough.

But that’s not all, let’s discuss how perfect we are. Let’s talk about fashion and beauty and femininity, because badassery and the former are not exclusive. With news, updates, thoughts, and an unwillingness to back down, let’s start a new movement of knowledge.


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